Ray Allen & Band


and Band

Ray Allen and his Band play authentic 1950s and 60s rock and roll and rockabilly.

The trio offers a versatile, rousing show that will keep your foot tapping with the band all night long.

Authentically performed with electric guitar, double bass (big acoustic bass), and vintage drums accompany the true-to-style vocals. Rounding off their sound is
vintage microphones, Ray Allen and his band will return you back to the hopeful feeling of those rockin’ days. Ray and the Band promise an unforgettable live act.

[ Singing + Guitar ]

Ray Allen & Band - Mathias Arnold

Mathias Arnold a.k.a Ray Allen

Their music and the selected titles are multi-faceted and reflect the styles of the 1950s and 1960s.

The band even plays some popular original tunes. Based on the interpretations of the original artists of that time, Mathias Arnold a.k.a. Ray Allen, gives the songs a charm that is true to the early rock style and delivers an unadulterated clear sound on the guitar and with his vocals.

[ Drums + Singing ]

Ray Allen & Band - Sylvio Lau

Sylvio Lau

Indispensable for the lively rhythm and the infectious beat.

Drummer Sylvio Lau swings on his retro Rogers drum kit and also enriches the sound of the band with his singing.

[ Double bass ]

Ray Allen & Band - Gerd Vorwerk

Gerd Vorwerk

Also adding close harmony vocals. Gerd Vorwerk is an absolute eye-catcher with his big double bass and completes the musical adventure in the style of the 50s and 60s.

On request, the trio can be extended to a quartet and will be completed by Christoph Wiatre on piano and vocals to bring even more sonic and visual power to the stage.

Ray Allen & Band

national and international on the way

As an established name in their music genre, Ray Allen and the Band can look back fondly on their numerous national and international performances, such as

In addition, there were other on-tour experiences to mention, such as: on stage in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and of course in Germany.

Rhythm Bomb Records

Record contract

with Rhythm Bomb Records

Since 2007 Ray Allen and the Band have had a record contract with a label specializing in vintage roots music, Rhythm Bomb Records. This successful collaboration has so far resulted in 5 albums and several single releases.

The recordings took place in the renowned Lightning Recorders Studio in Berlin, Germany, is famous for bringing the 50s and 60s sound back to life. For the album “Personally” Ray Allen was able to engage other guest musicians so that during the sessions 10 musicians could be found in the studio at the same time. The results were great recordings of cover songs and original titles.

For audio samples of all albums please check out our music page.