Ray Allen

„Rock’n’Roll is here to stay“

…this old 1950’s cliche’ is even more relevent today. A great example is RAY ALLEN. He and his band are playing real Rock’n’Roll! RAY ALLEN plays authentic rocking ‘late 50s’ and the bopping early 60s’ sounds without compromise. They even look the part with authentic clothing, microphones, and instruments. They are returning real R+R to the modern day national and international stages. Ray’s program, from the self-named ‘Teen-Age-Rocker,’ is a mix of Rock’n’Roll, Rockabilly, Popular and Instrumental music. The songs range from wild rockers, via crisp strollers to cool jives. Apart from his own arrangements, songs from Kenneth Parchman, Don Woody, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sonny Burgess, Roy Hall und Gene Summers are part of the repertory. The band , formed around frontman and bandleader Mathias Arnold a.k.a. RAY ALLEN, has been constantly developing in the past years. Today’s performance is influenced by experiences and inspirations gathered from projects like “Moonlight Classics“, “RAY ALLEN With The Hi-Fi’s“, “RAY ALLEN & The Blue Rhythms“ and “RAY ALLEN Trio“.

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